Moheskhali Island

An island off the coast of Coxs Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high; but the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to Siva. By its side on the same hill is Buddhist Pagoda.

Tourists can reach this island by local motorboats called trawlers or by speedboat. By trawler, it takes an hour and a half and by speedboat only half an hour. Tourists will find interesting sights like mangrove forests, hilly areas, salt fields etc. This is famous for its Buddhist Temple or Pagoda; a whole day can be spent sightseeing if one includes visits to Sonadia and some other nearby islands.


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