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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Sylhet

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Sylhet district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only that, now every travel destination has an informative video hyperlinked with the name through which the video will give a clear idea about the place and they will become interested in travel.

Shrine of HazratShahjalal (ra)


The journey to Sylhet city can start from this place. The entrance to the shrine is on the left side, a little north of Chauhatta, spreading Zindabazar to the north from the city court point. The main shrine complex is just a short walk from here. Dargah Mosque will be seen first. The mosque is now modern and was first built in 1400 AD.

There is a staircase leading to the shrine next to the mosque. Upstairs, one has to enter the shrine through a domed hall. This is the clock tower just west of the house. The three tombs on the east side of the courtyard of the clock tower are those of three close associates of Hazrat Shahjalal. The small grilled house on the south side of it is the shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal. He has spent twenty-three years of his life meditating in this two feet wide shrine.

As soon as you enter through the northern entrance of Chilla Khana, you will see the tomb of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) built of high bricks. This shrine was built in 1859 AD. Next to it is the tomb of Shahzad Ali, the king of Yemen, and the tomb of Muktalib Khan Wazir, the ruler of Sylhet in 1410 AD. He defeated the Hindu king Gaur Govinda and started propagating Islam in the region. At that time he came to this country from the city of Kunya in Turkey with 313 disciples.

He stayed here after winning many battles. He died in 1340 AD. The whole shrine complex of Hazrat Shahjalal is a place worth visiting. The whole area resounds with the sound of the carrot fish and the wings of hundreds of jalali pigeons. Swords, plates, bowls, etc. used by Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) are still preserved inside the shrine complex. The newly constructed arch of the shrine complex is also quite interesting.

Shrine of HazratShahpuran (R.)


Hazrat Shahparan was the nephew of Hazrat Shahjalal. He was also a spiritual man. The tomb of this great man is at Khadimpara in Dakshinagache, about 10 km east of the city. In the shade of a huge banyan tree, one has to climb the stairs to reach the shrine. Every day thousands of devotees walk around the entire shrine area. Next to the shrine is a three-domed mosque built in Mughal architecture.

Lakatura Tea Garden



The tea garden is a short distance away from Sylhet city along Airport Road. It would be nice to visit the tea garden here.


Malnichhara Tea Garden


Leaving the Lakatura tea garden, the beautiful tea garden is located on the left hand side of the airport. It is said to be the oldest tea garden in Bangladesh. The tea garden was established in 1854 by Mr. Hudson. The fun of wandering around the Malnichhara tea garden is different. With permission, the garden can be visited with the help of an employee of the tea garden. There is also an orange orchard in the Malnichhara tea garden.

Sylhet Tourism


A short distance from Malnichhara, beyond the Cadet College, on the right hand side, on a hilly hill, is the travel center of the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation. The natural beauty of the distant mountains can be enjoyed by sitting in this place and this wonderful place for walking. Besides, the Sylhet Motel of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation is here.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology


Everyone will love the open campus of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, established in 1986 in Kumargaon area next to Sylhet city.



Kinbridge at a distance of 25-30 rupees rickshaw fare from the tomb of Hazrat Shahjalal. It is also known as Surmabridge. It was built in 1936. It is named after the then English Governor Michael Keane. At 1150 feet long and 16 feet wide, the bridge is curved like a bow. In 1971, the Pak invaders blew up part of the bridge. Later in 1986, the destroyed part was rebuilt with the funding of Bangladesh Railway.


Ali Amjads Watch   


When you look down from Kinbridge, you see a clock. Located at Chandnighat next to the bridge, the clock tower still stands as a witness to history. It is known that Ali Amjad Khan, the famous zamindar of Prithvimpasha, was fascinated by the clock tower built by Shahjadi Jahanara at Chandneech in Delhi. So he built a similar clock tower near Chandnighat on the banks of Surma Nudi. That is why everyone knows it as Ali Amjads house.

Manipuri Rajbari


Manipuri Rajbari is an ancient structure located in Mirzajangal, Sylhet. If you visit this house, which is associated with the memory of Manipuri king Gambhir Singh, you will see ancient gates and palaces, ornate stairs. Members of the Manipuri Tagore and Brahmin families have been living in this house for generations


Murarichand College is an ancient educational institution located in the city of Sylhet. Founded in 18, the college has been playing a major role in spreading education in the region.


Osmani Memorial Museum


Nur Manzil, the residence of Ataul Gani Osmani, the Commander-in-Chief of the Liberation War, is located in Nairobi near Court Point in Sylhet. This house is the Osmani Memorial Museum under the management of Bangladesh National Museum. The museum is open from April to September from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm and from October to March from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Open Fridays from 3.30pm to 7.30pm. The Osmani Memorial Museum is closed on Thursdays and other public holidays. There is no entrance fee to this museum.

Ruins of Jainta Rajbari


On the way from Sylhet to Jaflong, there are ruins of Jainta Rajbari in Jaintapur. Jainta was the capital of the state at this place. Rajendra Singh was the last king of this kingdom. In 1835, the English occupied the kingdom. At present there is nothing left but a few broken walls of the Jainta palace.



The distance from Sylhet city to Jaflong is about 55 kilometers. This place is beautiful in the lap of Khasia Jaintia hills near the border of India. Jainta Rajbari, Tamabil, Sreepur will be on the way to Jaflong. Tamabil is the land port of Bangladesh with India. Jaflong tourist center is about eight kilometers from Tamabil.As a result of unplanned stone extraction and stone breaking, the former beauty is no longer seen in Jaflong.

Rows of clear water rivers at the foot of the Khasia hills. The river originates from the Khasia Jaintaya hills and joins the Surma. This river has also created a separation between Bangladesh and India. On the other side of Jaflong, it can be seen that this river has also formed a separation between India. The Indian port of Dauki can be seen on the other side of Jaflong.

Shillong is very close to Dauki. Only 40 kilometers of road. Next to the port of Dauki is a suspension bridge connecting the two high hills. The previous view of the bridge hanging over the hill from Jaflong is no longer visible as the bridge was pushed further back after it was damaged by a hill slope a few years ago.

However, if you cross the river, you can see the bridge and Dauki port well. As you visit Jaflong, you will see the diverse biographies of the Khasias. The village struggle capital of the indigenous community Khasias can be found by crossing the river west from the main tourist center of Jaflong. You can go from Sylhet in the morning and come back in the evening. You can go to Jaflong by bus from Sylhet. However, you can also take a reserve microbus or baby taxi.

Temple of Chaitanyadev


There is a temple of Chaitanyadev in the village of Dhakadakshin in Gopalganj on the Sylhet-Zakiganj road, about 14 km from Sylhet city. There are five temples side by side after breaking the stairs and going up through the gate.



Bholaganj is another stone kingdom about 33 km from Sylhet. With the flow of the Dhalai river coming down from the Khasia Jaintia hills of India, a lot of rocks come down in Bholaganj. An 11 mile long ropeway was constructed at Bholaganj in 1984-89 to transport stones. Cherrapunji in the Indian state of Meghalaya is next to Bholaganj. The natural beauty of this place also beats Jaflong. The place can be reached by car, microbus or beritaxi from Sylhet.

Manipuri Museum

The museum has been set up in a rented house in Subidbazar area of ​​the city. The museum showcases the culture and traditions of the Manipuris, an indigenous community living in the greater Dilett region, for hundreds of years. In this museum you will find hundreds of years old clocks, various items used in religious ceremonies, tools used in war, traditional handicrafts of Manipuris and many more.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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