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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Gazipur

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Gazipur district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Jagrato Chowrangi


On the way from Dhaka, a little before Gazipur city, at Joydebpur crossroads, there is the first commemorative sculpture of the great liberation war Jagrat Chowrangi. The sculpture was erected in 1971 in memory of Hurmat Ali and other martyrs who gave their lives in the first armed resistance struggle against the Pakistani forces at Gazipur on 19 March 1971.

Its architect is artist Abdur Razzak. The sculpture is of a strong freedom fighter holding a weapon. Its height is about one hundred feet. The names of 206 martyred soldiers of the 18 East Bengal Regiment are engraved on the plates on both sides.

Bhawal Rajbari


This palace is located in Gazipur Sadar. Zamindar Lok Narayan Roy started the construction of the house but Raja Kali Narayan Roy completed it. At present the office of the district council has been set up in this house.

The house is spread over an area of ​​about fifteen acres. Just after the main entrance of the building there is a spacious verandah and then a hall. There was a wide staircase made of shawl wood to go upstairs. Incidentally, the shawl is the main forest tree in the region. The Natmandir is in the open space at the north end of the building.


All the ceremonies of the palace were held here. The name of the two-storey building in the western part of the house is Rajbilas. Below this building was the kings resting place Hawa Mahal. The name of the open room with open arch on the south side is Padmanavi. There was a room in the middle of the second floor of the building known as Rani Mahal. This picturesque building has about 360 rooms.

Bhawal Raj Shmashaneshwari


A dramatic story of Bhawal Raja caused a stir all over undivided India beyond the borders of Bengal. The case of Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury, one of the three partners of Bhawal Zamindari, is the subject of this story. This story has taken a permanent place in the pages of regional history as an event that aroused the curiosity of millions of people.


The Bhawal Estate, the largest and oldest zamindari in East Bengal, was born in the late seventeenth century. This zamindar family received the title of Roy and Raja from the British government in 18. The center of this zamindari was Joydebpur. Ramendra Narayan Roy, the heir of the zamindari, went to Darjeeling in April 1909 for treatment along with his wife Bibhavati Devi, brother-in-law Satyendranath Bandyopadhyay and a group of employees.

At one stage, news reached the Bhawal Estate that the ailing Ramendra Narayan had died in Darjeeling and was cremated there. Ramendra Narayans wife, brother-in-law and others returned to the country. About eleven years later, in 1920, Ramendra Narayan appeared in Dhaka as a monk. Although many people recognized him, at first the king kept his identity secret.

But those who recognized him took the monastic king to Bhawale in 1922. The king announces his true identity. But the royal family refused to accept him as Ramendra Narayan. They claim that Ramendra Narayan died in Darjeeling in 1909 and was cremated there.

The monk Ramendra remained steadfast in his demand for inheritance. But even his wife refused to accept his identity. In the end the case was filed. In 1935, Ramendra Narayan filed the inheritance case in the Dhaka Judges Court. Ramendra claimed in court that he was the victim of a conspiracy by his brother-in-law Satyendranath and family doctor Ashutosh Dasgupta.

Ramendra Narayan claimed that he was taken to Darjeeling for conspiracy to treat syphilis. The brother-in-law and others poisoned him and planned to burn him quickly in the dark of night. Shortly after being poisoned, Ramendra was pronounced dead and taken to the crematorium for cremation.

But when the hailstorm started suddenly, the rented domra left Ramendra. Ramendra regained some consciousness in the rain. At that time, a group of monks saw him lying in this condition while passing by the crematorium and picked him up. Although the king survived in the service of the monks, he lost his memory in response to the poison.

Then from 1909 to 1920 Ramendra traveled with those monks. When he came to Dhaka from Chittagong with the monks in 1920, his memory suddenly came back. Then Ramendra Narayan planned to end his monastic life and started living on one side of Buckland Dam in Sadarghat.

After taking evidence for a long time, the judge ruled on December 2, 1936 that the monk was Kumar Ramendra Narayan Roy, a co-partner of the Bhawal kingdom. But his wife Bibhavati did not accept the verdict and appealed to the high court.

The Calcutta High Court upheld the verdict of the district judge. The Bhawal Sannyasi case was very important in the newspapers of that time. Even after the disposal of this case, songs, songs, travelogues, dramas and films were the subject of this stirring story of Bhawal kingdom.

Bhawal National Park


Bhawal National Park is located between Gazipur Sadar and Sreepur Thana. The park was established in 1973 on 747 hectares of land. In addition to the main tree shawl, the garden is full of various trees. Inside, there are several picnic centers, 13 cottages and 6 rest houses. The entrance fee to the park is 6 rupees per person. In addition, if you want to use the picnic spot, you have to come from the Mohakhali office of the forest department.


Safipur Ansar Academy


It would be nice to visit the huge courtyard of the Ansar-VDP (Civil Defense Force) Academy located in Kaliakour Upazila of the district. Shooting of movies, TV shows etc. is done here. There are also arrangements for picnics with permission.


Nuhash Palli


Resort and shooting spot of fiction writer Humayun Ahmed. Nuhashpalli, about 90 bighas in size, has a huge lake with paved ghats, a small island in the middle. The island has a storytelling facility in the shade of a coconut tree. Arrangements like Drishtinandan Cottage, Tree House and many more.

A huge bungalow called Brishti Bilas. Lying on the wide verandah of a tea garden-style bungalow, one can spend time effortlessly in the story. Two separate swimming pools for adults and children. The biggest attraction of Nuhashpalli is the countrys largest medicinal plant garden. These plants have been collected from home and abroad day after day. There is an Amrakanan to commemorate 1971, with 61 mango trees of 61 varieties.

Nuhashpalli, which can easily accommodate about 600 guests, is rented for picnics in December, January and February. With the remaining nine months of shooting time, anyone can visit Nuhashpalli without any entrance fee.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Safari Park is located in Bara Rathura Mouza of Mauna Union and Pirujali Mouza of Sadar Upazila in Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur. Its area is 4909.0 acres. This park is a safe habitat for different species of animals.

The safari park has the opportunity for domestic and foreign wildlife to breed and roam freely and tourists or travelers can get education, research and recreation opportunities by traveling by vehicle or on foot. Its different from being a zoo. In zoos, animals are confined, so that visitors can visit them freely. In the safari park, wildlife roams freely like a jungle, which is why visitors have to be careful in moving vehicles.


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