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Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Narayanganj

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Narayanganj district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

  Hajiganj Durg


The historic Hajiganj fort is located at Killarpur in Narayanganj district town. It is also known to many as the fort of Isha Khan, one of the Bar Bhuiyans of Bengal. Historians believe that the river was built during the reign of Mir Joomla to repel the Mughal and Portuguese invasions. The quadrangular wall of the fort has a firing squad.

Sonadanda Durga

This water fort is located in the port of Narayanganj district on the east bank of Shitalakshya river. It is located on the opposite side of Hajiganj fort. A number of water forts were built by the Mughal rulers to secure important river routes connecting Dhaka by river. Sonakanda fort is one of them.


Located in Hajiganj area of ​​Narayanganj city, this mosque is also known as Hajiganj Mosque. Historians believe that this three-domed mosque was built by Shaista Khan in 164-16. Many people think that the name of the mosque is Bibi Maryam Mosque as there is a shrine of his daughter Bibi Maryam near the mosque.

Kadmarsul Dargah


Kadam Rasul Dargah is located in Nabiganj on the east bank of Shitalakshya river on the opposite side of Narayanganj city. Here is a stone bearing the footprint of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Kadam Mubarak.

History has it that the stone, with the footprints of Masum Khan Kabuli, the Afghan leader who declared rebellion against Emperor Akbar, was purchased from an Arab merchant. Golam Nabi, the zamindar of Dhaka, built this monument in 17-18. The main gate of Kadam Rasul Dargah was built by Golam Muhammad, son of Golam Nabi in 1605-1706

Port  Shahi  Mosque

Bandar Shahi Mosque is located in the port area about 1.5 km south-east of Kadam Rasul Dargah. A senior official of Sultan Jalaluddin Fateh Shah and Malik al-Musjid measured 7.2 m on the inside and 9.8 m on the outside. The mosque has four small minarets at the four corners and a large dome at the top.

Shitalakshya River

The main river of Narayanganj. At one time the world-renowned Muslim industry of Bangladesh developed on both banks of the Shitalakshya. Now the two sides of the river are full of different factories.

The beauty of Ruposhi Bangla can still be enjoyed on a long boat trip from Narayanganj city to Kaliganj.

Jamdani Bazar

The largest Jamdani village in the country is located at Rupshi of Rupganj police station on the banks of Shitalakshya. Hundreds of Jamdani artists weave various artistic Jamdani in and around Ruposhi Bazar day and night. Good quality Jamdani sari can be bought from here at a relatively low price.

Murapara Zamindar Bari

Jamdani Hat is held in Noapara of the district on the last night of the week i.e. from 4 pm to 8 am. Although this market is mainly for wholesale buyers, many enthusiastic retailers gather in this market to get real jamdani at low prices.

Murapara Zamindar Bari


There is an ancient zamindar house at Rupganj Mura Para in Narayanganj district. At present the activities of Murapara Degree College are going on in this house. There is a huge pond in front of the zamindars house. The ancient palace is quite interesting.

The palace has about 95 rooms and is spread over various parts including guest house, dance hall, puja mandapa, kacharighar and stables. It is said that zamindar Rama Ratan Banerjee started its construction in 189. In 1899, his son Vijay Chandra completed the construction work.


Russell Park is a private forest feeding center next to the Murapara zamindars house. Apart from various plants, there is still a small zoo. It is open every day of the week from 10 am to 5 pm.

Pond  Garden


Pond Garden is a tourist destination located in Kanchan, Narayanganj district. There are about 25 bighas of childrens park and various leisure activities here.


Langalband is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway in Bandar upazila of Narayanganj district. Every year on the eighth day of the month of Chai, thousands of Hindus from home and abroad gather at this place to bathe in the river Brahmapu. Devotees believe that bathing in the waters of Brakshapu at this time is a means of atonement and satisfaction of Braksha.

There is a story in Hindu mythology about the eighth bath. In the past, Renu Kana Meraj of Jamadagni Maha Muni was a beautiful wife. He had five sons. Incidentally, Renukas lust aroused when she saw the king of Martikavarta taking his wife to Bihar.

Seeing his wifes addiction to others, he became angry and ordered his five sons to kill their mother. But no boy agrees to the heinous act of killing his mother. Then Muni instructed his beloved son Parashuram, the youngest of them all. Parashuram killed his mother with an ax. But after killing his mother, the ax is stuck in his hand as a punishment for sin.

After hundreds of attempts, Parshura could not get rid of the stick, so his father told him to go to a place of pilgrimage and be free from sin. Repentant Parashuram used to visit pilgrimage places.

At one time he knew that sins were released in the waters of the Brahmaputra. As soon as Parshuram finds the source lake of the Brahmaputra hidden in the Himalayas and jumps into it, the ax stuck in his hand falls off. In order to benefit all the people of this miraculous power of the Brahmaputra, Parasurama decided to bring this stream to the plains.

He tied the fallen ax to the plow and made a ditch to bring the holy water of the Brahmaputra from the Himalayas to the plains. After a long journey across the hills, he came to this place in Narayanganj and stopped plowing. That is why the place is called Langalband.

Tomb of Sultan Gias Uddin Azam  Shah


The tomb of Gias Uddin Azam Shah, the independent Sultan of Bengal, at Mogra Para in Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj. This stone mausoleum was built in 1410. The Sultan died in 1402. The brick tomb on the east side of the tomb is believed to be that of the Sultans chief justice, Kazi Siraj Uddin.

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