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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Satkhira | English
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অবসর সময়ে ভ্রমণ করুন ও দেশ সম্পর্কে জানুন - পর্যটনবিডি.কম

Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Satkhira

From this page, tourists will be able to know about the travel information of Satkhira district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is a hyperlink of an informative video through which the video will give a clear idea about the place and they will become interested in travel.

Satkhira Panchamandir


There are five old temples at a place called Mothers House, about three kilometers east of Satkhira Sadar. Each of these has a different name. The five temples are Kalimata Temple, Shiva Temple, Kalbhairav ​​Temple, Annapurna Temple and Radhagobind Temple. These are again known as Satkhira Panchamandir. These temples of wonderful construction style are easily noticed by everyone. The exterior of all the temples, especially Annapurna, is covered with various terracotta ornaments. The local zamindar Vishnuram Chakraborty built these temples for worship in his own pargana in the early eighteenth century. If you take a rickshaw along Satkhira-Asashuni road, you can reach your mothers house in 15 minutes.

Six-storied pair of Shiva temples

There are two Shiva temples at Chayagharia, five kilometers north of Satkhira city. The two bungalows of the temple, built of various terracotta bricks, were built in 1220 by a man named Fakir Chand Ghosh. The two square temples, about 18 feet high, are now on the verge of destruction due to long neglect.


Mozaffar Garden and Resort is established on about 40 acres of land in Kharibila, 4 km west of the district headquarters. There are 6 big ponds, 2 lakes, zoo and many other places to spend leisure time in the huge green courtyard. Resorts are also available at the resort.

Chayagharia Pair of Shiva Temples


Shyamsunder is a three-storied ancient temple at Sonabaria village, about 45 km from the district headquarters and 8 km west of Kalaroa upazila. It is also known as Sona Baria Math. It is known from a nameplate of the temple that it was built by Hariram Das in 18 AD. You can take a Jessore-bound bus from the district headquarters to the place.

Shyamsunder Temple


There are two ancient mosques named Tentulia Shahi Mosque and Tentulia Jame Mosque in Tentulia village of Tala upazila, about 25 km away from the district headquarters. Among them are the structures preserved by the Archaeological Department of Tetulia Jame Mosque. Salamatullah Khan, a local zamindar, built the mosque in Bengal in 1280 during the Sindur Patti Mosque in Calcutta. The six-domed mosque has 20 lovely minarets. The place can be reached by bus from the district headquarters.

Prabajpur Mosque


The mosque is built of magnificent terracotta bricks at Prabajpur village, 40 km from Satkhira Sadar and 5 km south-west of Kaliganj upazila. The date of construction of the mosque is known to be 1892 but no information has been found about its builder.



The Sundarbans, a world heritage site, covers about one-third of the total area of ​​Satkhira district. The Sundarbans starts from Munshiganj and Burigoalini ghats in Shyamnagar upazila of the district. The geographical features of these places are a little different from other areas of the Sundarbans. Notable tourist destinations in the Sundarbans of this region are Kalagachhia, Mandarbaria, Dobeki etc. Mandarbaria beach adjoining the Sundarbans is quite interesting. Besides, this region of Sundarbans is famous for honey extraction.

Sundarbans Honey Collection Campaign


Honey collection has been going on for three months in the Burigoalini range in the western part of the Sundarbans. And those engaged in this profession are called Mouyal. This honey collection campaign starts from 1st April every year. With the permission of the forest department, the beekeepers go to the Sundarbans to collect honey. The journey of honey collection begins with some formalities. A prayer meeting was held at the beginning of the journey. At the end of the prayer, a red cloth is tied to the hand of each mouyal. They believe that this cloth will protect them from dangers, especially from tigers. The Mouyals then lined up with their boats. As soon as the forest officer fired in the sky, everyone started shouting. He ran for the forest.

From the beginning of summer, bees start collecting honey from different flowers and make beehives on other trees including bain, animal, gewa, crab and sundari. When they reach the forest, they search for these bees. The honey collection team usually consists of seven to thirteen bees. Who have a leader. The Mouyals call the leader Bahardar. Determines the location of honey collection. Leaving one person in the boat, he entered the forest with the rest of the bees to collect honey. And this is how the journey of collecting honey begins.

Older and more experienced beekeepers find the location of the hive by targeting wind speeds and the presence of bees. If bees fly at a height of four meters or bee droppings can be seen on the leaves of trees, then it must be understood that there are bees in the vicinity.

If you want to enjoy these thrilling scenes of honey collection as an adventurer with a honeymoon team, you need the help of an experienced travel agency. Bengal Tours, a private travel agency, arranges special honey collection packages every year. Anyone can go on that package trip and see all the thrilling scenes of the life of the beekeepers in the Sundarbans and the honey collection. The journey usually starts from March 31. Satkhira by air-conditioned bus from Dhaka. From there, you can take a tour of the West Sundarbans in your own cruise ship and see the honey collection


Gurpukurer Fair


The long-standing traditional Gurpukur fair is held on the banks of Gurpukur in Palashpol area of ​​the city. Although the main fair is 31 Bhadra, it lasts till the middle of Ashwin. Circus, Jatrapala, Nagardola and other folk events are organized in this fair. The largest number of people in the region gather at the fair.

Mai Champar Dargah

Mai Champar Dargah at Labsa village, three kilometers north of Satkhira Upazila Sadar. Like many other places in Bangladesh, it is also known as the tomb of Gazi-Kalu and Champabati. There are rumors that Champawati was his benefactor in his last life


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