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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Jamalpur | English
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Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Jamalpur

From this page, tourists will be able to know about the travel information of Jamalpur district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Nakshin Katha of Jamalpur


The fame of Kamalpurs Bahari Nakshikantha has spread beyond the borders of the country and abroad. Nakshikantha is made in all the upazilas of the district. Jamalpurs famous nakshi kathan and other embroidery materials can be found there at affordable prices.

Doyamoye Temple

This temple is near the zero point of the city of Jamalpur. It is built in a combination of ancient and modern architecture. Every year a lot of people gather here on the occasion of Ashtami Puja.


The hill station is located at Lauchapara in Bakshiganj of the district. It is surrounded by hills and green forest. There is also a Watch Tower. As soon as you climb ten or twelve stairs, you get up. All the sky-scraping hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya can be seen in the distance. Beautiful surroundings like the picture. There are various species of animals in the forest here. During the rice ripening season, wild elephants come from Meghalaya in delicious greed. The farmers wake up at night and the wild elephants come in greed for the delicious rice. Farmers stay awake at night. When the elephants attack, the farmers try their best to chase them by lighting torches and bursting firecrackers. You will see many familiar and unfamiliar birds here. The whole place has been developed as a leisure center by Jamalpur District Council. If you go, you have to pay a parking fee. There is a small village of Garo residents called Diklalona. 100 Garos of 22 families live in this village. They are all Christians. The main friend of the village is Son Sarma. Everyone will be impressed by the hospitality of this very kind man. Every year the people of this village gather for the festival on the occasion of Christmas, English New Year and Easter Sunday. If you go on a trip then the festival will be extra.

Diklakona Salgittal Hostel is located at the beginning of Doklakona village. The hostel, run by Christian missionaries, has about 60 students from first to third class. Indigenous people are simple and sociable. But pay attention to their individuality and do not do anything that will upset them. Especially if you want to take pictures of people, it is better to take permission.

Spending the night in Lauchapara can be a memorable experience. The quiet and secluded atmosphere here seems to be more calm and quiet at night. There are two rest houses for staying the night. One is the ‘Paharika Bungalow’ of Jamalpur Zilla Parishad and the other is the privately owned Banful Resort.


Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jamal (RA)


Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jamal (ra) on the banks of Brakshaputra river in Durmut union of Melandah upazila. From the beginning of the month of Baishakh, month-long Urs is held here. Rural fairs are held throughout the month on the occasion of Oras. It is easily accessible by bus and train from Jamalpur Sadar.

Mazar of Hazrat Shah Jamal (RA)

Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jamal (RA) located on the banks of Brakshaputra river next to the District Police Super Office in Jamalpur town. There is also an old mosque here.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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