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Communication Information of Tourism or Parjatan Place of Sunamganj | English
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অবসর সময়ে ভ্রমণ করুন ও দেশ সম্পর্কে জানুন - পর্যটনবিডি.কম

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Here is the link to describe the contact place of Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. If the traveler wishes to travel to the place of travel, he will be able to travel with information from here. As a result, they will be able to make informed and informed decisions about the journey before they leave. Information is the key to making the right decision.


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Tomb of Radha Raman Dutt


Sunamganj Heritage Museum

Radha Raman Dutts tomb can be reached by Car / Rickshaw from 1 Upazila Sadar.


You can reach Sunamganj Heritage Museum by rickshaw, auto or on foot in front of Sunamganj Old Court.

Dolura Martyrs Mausoleum


Late - House of Baul Emperor Shah Abdul Karim.

From the Nabinagar place of the city, one has to cross the Surma river ferry to Haluaghat or from the sand field boat ghat of the city to Haluaghat by engine boat, then by Rickshaw or Tempo to 6 km to reach the tomb of Dolura martyrs near the Indian border.


From Dirai Upazila you can go to Riska, CNG, motorbike in the autumn, by boat in the rainy season - the home of the late Baul emperor Shah Abdul Karim.

Hasan Zamindar House Intertwined with the Memory of Raja


Shrine of Ashim Shah

From the traffic point area of ​​Sunamganj, any vehicle can reach the zamindars house where Hasan Rajas memory is intertwined.


Asim Shahs shrine can be reached by Rickshaw from Upazila Sadar on foot.

Tanguar Haor
Bareks Hill

In summer, you have to cross the Saheb Bari ferry ghat of the city and from the other side you have to go to Sreepur Bazar or Dumper Bazaar in 2 hours by Motorbike. From there you can visit Tangua in a rented boat. During the monsoon season, one can go directly to Tanguar Haor by engine boat or speed boat from Saheb Bari Nauka Ghat. It takes 5 hours on an engine boat and 2 hours on a speed boat. There is no overnight accommodation under private management and the government can accommodate the rest house of Tekerghat Limestone Mine Project 3 km north-east.


In the rainy season, you can reach Barektila and Jadukata directly by engine boat or speedboat from Saheb Bari boat ghat in Sunamganj city. It will take 45 minutes. You can go back to Sunamganj in the evening after visiting all day as there is no public or private food quality. There are modern rest houses, hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

Pailgaon Zamindars House
Surma River

You can go to Pailgaon Zamindars house by Jeep, CNG, bike by road from 9 Upazila Sadar.


Surma river can be reached by river from anywhere in the country.

Pagla Mosque, South Sunamganj
Magical River

From Sunamganj Sadar, you can reach Pagla Mosque, South Sunamganj by road in a short time.


Sunamganj can be reached by bus from anywhere in the country, then by Tempo, CNG, Boat to Jadukata river.

Gaurarang Zamindar House
Chhatak Cement Factory

From Sunamganj Sadar, one can go to Tuker Bazar by boat via Wejkhali, then by Rickshaw, Motorcycle or CNG, Easybike.


Direct bus from Dhaka to Chhatak is actually Chhatak Cement Factory.

Jagannath Jiur Akhra, Jamalganj, Sachnabazar.

Sunamganj Sadar can be reached either by Road or river. It may take up to 2 hours.







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