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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Coxs Bazar | English 1
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.Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Coxs Bazar

From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Coxs Bazar district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Coxs Bazar


Widespread Beaches, Rows of Rowers, huge waves on the beach. In the morning the horizontal water pierced the sun like a purple plate. He said goodbye by writing more dreamy colors around the horizon. Coxs Bazar, the worlds longest beach, has created the beauty of these beaches.The place is called the tourist capital of Bangladesh, which is about 120 km long. The road is about 400km from Dhaka and about one and a half km from Chittagong.

Bathing in the sea water here, it would be nice to see the spectacular view of the sunset. The trip to Coxs Bazaar could be the start of Labani Point. Walking across Labani Beach, head east and go straight to the glacier. The further you go, the more beautiful this beach is. If you come out in the morning, the beauty will be extra with the fishing scene of the old fishermen.

Buddhist Temples


There are several ancient Buddhist temples on the Jadi hill in Coxs Bazar. The rickshaw can be accessed from anywhere in the city. It would be nice to see these white Buddhist pagodas when San Juan breaks the ladder and climbs up the hill of Jadi. From the top of this hill there are various places in the city of Coxs Bazar. There is another Buddhist pagoda named Agbhmadya Kiang in another place in the city. The ancient Buddhist temple made of wood is very interesting in construction.


Located just 12 km from Coxs Bazar, there is a seaside, glacier enclosing the hill. What makes it more attractive than the beaches here is its travel route. The beaches of the sky are one of the attractions of the beach. When you rise on this mountain, a huge ocean lost on the blue horizon will float in front of your eyes. The glacier fountains of the hill of Himachari are also attractive. Coxs Bazar is always free to zip off the beach. Besides, rickshaw and battery operated rickshaw can also be used in Himachari.


Inani, another 8 km east of Himachari, is another attractive beach. There are wide rocky beaches. Many coral stones have been deposited in the sandy land, floating from the sea. Here the mill is found along the coast of Saint Martin. Himchari and Inani can be seen in one day. You can also take a battery-powered rickshaw, a CNG, an open jeep.

Maheshkhali Island


Maheshkhali is the only hill island in Bangladesh. This place is famous mainly for the Adinath Temple here. The famous Adinath Temple can be found only after breaking the curved staircase and rising to the top of the hill of Adinath. To the south of the island lies the broad sea and the huge mountains to the west. Apart from this there is a very beautiful Buddhist temple. The fishermens varied lifestyle can also be enjoyed here.

There is no better way to stay in Maheshkhali. But that is not a problem. It is possible to return from Coxs Bazar in the morning after seeing the island well. From Coxs Bazar trawler ferry you can go to Maheshkhali by speedboat or engineboat. The speedboat will take 5 minutes and the engineboat will take about 5 hours.

Sonadia Island

Another interesting island opposite Coxs Bazar is Sonadia. There are plenty of winter birds to see here. It is possible to leave Coxs Bazar and return before dusk to the island, which is about 5 square kilometers in size. And go on the engineboat.

Kutubdia Island

Another sightseeing island in Coxs Bazar District is Kutubdia Island. The island, which is about 20 sq km in size, is surrounded by ancient lighthouses, the Kallarma mosque and the Qutub Auliya shrine. From Kosturi Ghat in Coxs Bazar you can go to Kutubdia by engineboat or speedboat. Speedboat takes 5 minutes.


Ramu is a police station in the vicinity of Coxs Bazar. Here are some of the Buddhists, Kayang and Pagoda. Notable of these are the Buddhist Kayang, the Ramkot Buddhist Temple and the Buddhist Kayang of Lama Para. You can come here in jeeps or microbes from Colatazal in Coxs Bazar.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Safari Park

About 6 km from Coxs Bazar city is Dulhazara Safari Park, east of Coxs Bazar-Chittagong Highway. The safari park covers about 5 hectares of Dulahazra and Hargoza block of Dulahazara forest in Coxs Bazar district. Yet the place is very beautiful and pleasant to visit. Various creatures can be found here. Dulhazara Safari Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. There is a fixed price to pay for the entry. 5 bucks for adults, 5 bucks for school students, 5 bucks for a group of 3-5 students, 5 bucks for a group of 5, foreign tourists US 8 or equivalent, travel in a minibus for tigers, lions, deer and elephants. 20 per person.From Coxs Bazar to Chakoriya that Co.



A unique combination of mountains, rivers and seas is the Teknaf, the southernmost land of Bangladesh. The distance from Coxs Bazar to this place is about 5 km. From Coxs Bazar, technophiles can come in buses and microbus. Coxs Bazar leaves Teknaf bus from Interzilla bus terminal and microbus depart from the citys Kalatali and Teknaf bypass diversion. Tourist Motel Netong for stay. In addition there are a few hotels of normal quality. The netting motel of the Tourism Corporation is on the Coxs Bazar-Teknaf road and about five kilometers east of Teknaf city.


Naf River separates Bangladesh and Myanmar from Teknaf. It is also called the beautiful river of Bangladesh. The river runs through the coals of Teknaf, the southernmost upazila of Bangladesh. The island of Coral is to go to St. Martins and break the river. Here you can enjoy the beauty of Netang Hill from the river Naf, and from the Netang Hill, the eyes of the Naf river can be seen.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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