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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Coxs Bazar | English 2
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From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Coxs Bazar district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Mathine Wells


The historic Mathin wells are located in the Teknaf police station area. Also attached to the well are the police officers Dhiraj Bhattacharya and fourteen-year-old Mathins immortal love. Talk about the end of the last century. Dhiraj Bhattacharya became officer at the Teknaf police station. Rakhines daughter Mathin would often come to the well in front of the police station. Identity between the two. That identity at once takes the form of love.


But the differences between the religions are tied to their union. After receiving the bad news from the house, the officer returned to Kolkata. Mathin jumped into the well and sadly committed suicide due to not returning for many days. Many years old this well has been preserved as a witness to the love of Dhiraj-Mathin.

Teknaf  Beach


The beautiful beach is just a few miles south of the city of Teknaf. Very clean, not too much of a tourist attraction on this beach. However, fishermen are seen fishing on this beach all the time. It is easy to reach the reserve or local jeep from Teknaf city.


Located in the area of ​​Sarrang Union area of ​​Teknaf Upazila, Shahpir Swip was once an island but due to climate change, it has been associated with the mainland some time ago. It takes half an hour to reach Shahpir Island from Teknaf Upazila.

Game Reserve Forest


Game reserve is located at around 5 hectares at Teknaf police station. Starting from Coxs Bazar to Teknaf, the forest reserve is three kilometers west of Howling Bazaar. The government declared the forest as protected in 5 years mainly for the protection of wild elephants. There are about 20 species of plants in this forest.

In addition, there are 3 species of mammals, 3 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians, and about 20 species of birds. However, the main attraction of this forest is the wild elephant. At present, the condition of the forest is not good. With the help of unscrupulous forest workers, the forests are now on the verge of extinction. Rakhine and Chakma tribes live in the vicinity of this forest. There are three special note areas in the game reserve.

First, the Kudung Cave Tail. The Kudung Cave Trail is located in Harikhola, about four and a half kilometers west of Hoekhyang Market. If you walk two kilometers along this path, you will see huge mountains. The Kudung Cave is the largest cave on this hill. Inside the cave, a variety of species of bats can be heard.

Secondly, the Taunga Hill Trail. At about 6 feet high, the highest hill of the Tenganga Teknaf. From the summit of this mountain, the Naf river on one side is the Bay of Bengal.

Thirdly, Teknaf Nature Park. About 9 km north of the city of Teknaf, Teknaf Nature Park is located at Samdamiya. On the way from Coxs Bazar to Teknaf it will fall nine kilometers before Teknaf. Here you will find the taste of jungle trekking on a three-legged walk.

Coral Reef St. Martin

About 5 km from the city of Teknaf police station is the beautiful island of St. Martin. The main attraction of the island is the coral reefs along the beaches, the rows of coconut trees along the seashore, the large sea turtles lost on the horizon. They come to the island at night to lay eggs. About 3,000 people live on this island.

The whole area of ​​St. Martin is attractive. Each of these places has a different variety. As you approach St. Martins Gate, you will find its diversity. When you go to the west island, the east is completely different. Going a little farther, the throat is completely different again. The whole island is shrouded in diversity.

At the far end of St. Martins is the intersection. Although once isolated from the main island, it is now almost identical to the main island. However, during the tide, the seawater formed at the junction of the two islands. So you have to enter Choradavip at the time of departure. There is a small caban here. The rest is just coral and coral. No people live in this small island. There are trailers for the island of St Maarten to Chora. However, it is best to walk here to enjoy the original beauty of the island. Turtles breeding centers will be seen on foot at Choradvip. If you start walking along the east coast of the island in the morning, the whole island will be able to turn around in the evening.

Luxury in the sea


Twenty-five years ago, the writer Humayun Ahmed was married on a visit to St. Martins Island. Seeing the magnificent lily of beauty, he built a small house there; Name the sea luxury. Yet one of the attractions of Saint Martins Island is sea luxury.The modern eco-resort has been transformed into a dream home of the famous novelist Humayun Ahmeds dream in the Kolhaghen of the Blue Sea, coral reef. The seaside beauty of the resort can be enjoyed by sitting on the porch of the resort. Long beaches in front of the resort.

The view of the sunset can also be seen in the sea. The luxury of the sea has been arranged in a different mood. The resorts six cottages are named after six popular novels by Humayun Ahmed. The cottages are Mid-afternoon, Where are you Missy Ali, Island of cinnamon, I have water, Day of hearing clouds and Nobody anywhere. The luxury restaurant on the beach is called the chain jail. At the bottom is a library with books by Humayun Ahmed. Hanging on the wall is a film depiction of his films made at various times.

Silk roaring forest

About 20 km from Teknaf to Coxs Bazar Marindrive Road is the roaring forest. Large roaring trees touching the sky are the main decoration of the forest.

Shapalapur beach

Shapalapur is about 5km further along the Marindrive road from Shikhakhali. In the morning or in the afternoon there is a group of red crabs called Jhank Jhank on the beach. Apart from this, the long beach is often unpopular. Shaplapur beach is an ideal place for those who love solitude on the go.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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