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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Rajbari | English
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Description About Tourism or Parjatan Place of Rajbari

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From this page, tourists can be informed about the travel information of Rajbari district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Naliya Jorbangla Temple


A Jorbangla temple located in Nolia village of Baliakandi police station. Historians believe that the temple was built in the late seventeenth century considering its architectural style.

Mir Mosharraf Hossain Memorial Center


In Padmati of the district there is the tomb of Mir Mosharraf Hossain and his wife, the immortal writer of Bishad-Sindhu. The Mir Mosharraf Hossain Memorial Center was established in 1999 around this cemetery.

Tomb of Shah Pahlawan

At some point between 1460 and 1510, a missionary named Shah Pahlawan came from Baghdad to the Faridpur region to spread Islam and settled on the banks of the Chandana River. It is said that at the time of his death, he called his disciples and asked them to bury him in the east-west. But the disciples buried him in the north-south according to local law. The next morning, everyone saw that Shah Pahlawans tomb was stretched east-west alone.

Samadhinagar Math

 Samadhinagar Math, also known as Anadi Ashram, is located in the Jungle Union of Baliakandi Upazila. The monastery was built in 1940 by a saint named Swami Prakasharanya. The height of the monastery with the dome is 60 feet. Its length and width are 60 feet and 50 feet respectively.

Rathkhola Shanmancha

There is a temple of Madan Mohan Jiur built in Kastipathar on the banks of Gorai river in Belgachhi Rathkhola of the district. The temple of Madan Mohan dates back to the time of the Pala rulers of ancient Bengal. There is also the ruins of an ancient dolmancha.


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