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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Jessore | English
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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Jessore

From this page, tourists will be able to know about the travel information of Jessore district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination there is an hyperlink of an informative video which will give a clear idea about the place by watching the video and will make them interested in traveling.

Imambara of Haji Muhammad Muhsin


Murali Imambara is about 300 years old located in Ramnagar union of Sadar upazila. It was founded by Haji Muhammad Muhsin. The rectangular building is 60 feet to the north-south and 50 feet to the east-west. The inner part is divided into 3 rows by 10 pillars. The plaster on the pillars has eye-catching calligraphy in Arabic script, Allah, Hasan with black ink. On the occasion of Ashura, a colorful procession comes out from here every year on 10th Muharram.

Chanchra Shiva Temple

Chanchara Shiva Temple, built in the seventeenth century on the outskirts of Jessore city. In front of the east facing temple there is a reservoir called Shivsagar. The front walls of this temple, which has a pinnacle or gem, are beautifully decorated. According to an inscription found in the temple, the temple was built in 1896 by a man named Sri Manohar Roy. The temple has recently been renovated by the Department of Archeology after a long period of dilapidation.


Bharat Bhaina is an archeological site located on the west bank of the river Buribhadra, about 18 km south-west of Keshabpur upazila of the district. The place is about 250 meters high at about 12.20 meters. In 1922, the Department of Archeology took the initiative to preserve it. Archaeologists conducting a survey believe that there is a five-century-old Buddhist temple here. It is believed that the temple was built by a mythical king named Bharat.

Bharat Raja Deul


In the village of Gaurighona, about two kilometers south of Bharat Vaina, are the ruins of some ancient structures known as the house of the Bharat Raja. Several excavations since 1958 have uncovered the remains of an ancient structure. From Jessore you have to get on the Satkhira bound bus to Chuknagar. From there you can go to Gaurighona by rickshaw or bicycle.

Michael Madhusudhan Dutts House


He was born in this house on 25 January 1824. The house has a few old two-storey and one-storey buildings. At present a museum and library have been established in this house. The museum has various furniture including beds, cupboards, chairs and tables used by the poet family. The Madhusudhan Academy of Dutts house is also displaying various relics of the poet. Every year on the poets birthday, a folk fair is held at Sagardari. Various cultural events are also organized around the fair. Bangladesh Tourism Corporation also has a motel at Sagardari. Sagardari can be reached directly from Yoshar Road.

Sheikhpura Jame Mosque


On the way to Madhusudhan Dutts house, there is an old mosque on the west side of the road in Sagardari village. Michael Madhusudhan used to learn Persian language in this mosque as a boy. The mosque was built by Syed Pir Riaz Tulla in the 18th century. His tomb is in front of the mosque.

Kalomukh Hanuman of Kesharpur


Kalomukh Hanuman is a long-standing tradition of Keshabpur upazila of the district. These Hanumans live peacefully alongside the people in different places of Keshabpur.

Nakshi Kantha Village Panthapara


Panthapara is a village near Khajura Bazar, about 18 km from Jessore. If you go here, you will see busy housewives all over the village. Those who embellish the form and culture of Bengal on the ground of red and blue kantha with fine hands with needle-thread.

Rasgolla of Jamtala


Rasgolla of Jamtala in Sharsha upazila of Jessore is famous all over the country. Many people also know this delicious dessert by the name of Sadeq Golla. About 50 years ago, a market was established in this area under the Jamgachera. Sadeq Alis tea shop was under that tree. It is rumored that a stranger who had taken refuge with Sadeq Ali for some time taught him how to make this confectionery. Day by day, the fame of his Rasgolla spread beyond Jessore to other parts of the country. Sadeq Ali is not alive. About 15 traders are now making the rasgolla invented by Sadeq Ali in Jamtala market.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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