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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Jhenaidah | English
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Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Jhenaidah

From this page, tourists will be able to know about the travel information of Jhenaidah district. Which will come in handy in their travels. Not only this, with the name of each travel destination, an informative video has been hyperlinked so that they can get a clear idea about the place by watching the video and they will become interested in traveling.

Mias Building


Mia Dalan, an ancient zamindarbari in the village of Muraridah on the banks of the Nabaganga River, three kilometers from the district headquarters. The main entrance of the house is still engraved in poetic language. I started work in 1129, building completed in 1238. It is known from this that this palace was built in Bengal in 1238 with a dam on the river Nabaganga. At that time it cost 75,000 rupees. During the partition of the country in 1947, the zamindars sold the house to a local man. The house is currently on the verge of destruction due to lack of preservation.

Naldanga Siddheswari Temple

Siddheshwari temple is located at Naldanga village, two kilometers west of Sadar in Kaliganj upazila of the district. The length of each side of this square temple is about 39 feet. Inside there is a statue room and a verandah. The front walls of the temple are adorned with terracotta. The temple is said to have been built some time before 175 by the Naldanga zamindar family. The distance from the district town to the place is about 22 kilometers. First you have to go to Naldanga by bus via Kaliganj. From there you can go to the temple by rickshaw or van.


There are several ancient structures in Barbazar union of Kaliganj upazila of the district. The idea is that a prosperous city existed here long ago. Some of its richest installations have survived here yet. Notable among these are Gorai Mosque, Galakata Mosque, Jorbangla Mosque, Satgachhia Mosque, Hasilbagh Garh etc. You have to go by bus from Jhenaidah to Barbazar. From there you can take a rickshaw or a van to see the places.

Gorai Mosque


The Department of Archeology renovated the mosque in 1983. The mosque, which is about five feet wide, has three entrances to the east. The north and south walls had two large and two small entrances. These are currently being used as windows. There are two black stone pillars on the west and south walls and three mihrabs on the west wall. The interior and exterior walls are full of terracotta designs.

Throat Mosque


An ancient terracotta mosque located on the side of Barbazar-Tahirpur road. The walls of the mosque are about 25 feet long and five feet wide. Inside, the roof of the mosque is on two pillars of black stone eight feet high. There are six medium sized domes in two rows in front and behind the two pillars. According to the Arabic-Persian inscriptions found in the mosque, it was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud bin Husain in 600 AH.

Jodhpur Mosque


The mosque at Barbazar was discovered during excavations in 1992-93. Built of thin brick, the mosque is built on a high altar. The main entrance of this mosque is in the north-east corner. From here a paved path leads to the bottom of the stairs of the dighi surrounding the mosque. Next to the mosque are several ancient tombs. This tank next to the mosque is known as Andhapukur.

Satgachhia Mosque


The distance from Barbazar to Madjid is about four kilometers. This mosque was first discovered by the local people in 1973. It was excavated 10 years later in 1993 by the Department of Archeology. At present the mosque does not have a main roof. However, it had 35 domes on 48 pillars. At present there are 17 entrances in the east, north-south walls of the mosque. There are seven mihrabs on the west wall.

Shrines of Gazi-Kalu and Champabati


The shrines of Gazi-Kalu and Champabati are located about one kilometer away from Barbazar. There are various folk tales about the tombs of Gazi-Kalu and Champabati. One such hall is Ghazi, the son of Darvish Sikandar, the ruler of a large city. Kalu was Sikandars adopted son. Kalu loved Gazi very much and followed him. When Ghazi met Champabati, the daughter of Ramchandra alias Mukut Raja, the feudal lord of Chapai Nagar, they forgot the differences of religion and fell in love. Angered by the love of the crown king Ghazi and Champabati, he ordered his troops to be defeated by Ghazi and Kalu, converted to Islam and became followers of Ghazi. Meanwhile, after losing the battle, the crown went away with King Champabati. Gazi also went there with his partner Kalu. Finally, after many battles, Mukut rescued Champabati from the king and brought her to Barbazar. But Shah Sikandar could not accept Champabati and went out into the forest with his companions Kalu and Dakshina Roy.

Apart from the shrines of Gazi-Kalu and Champabati, there is also the tomb of Dakshina Roy. Like many folk tales about Gazi-Kalu and Champabati, there are various shrines named after them in this region.

Banyan Tree of Mallikpur


There is a huge banyan tree at Mallikpur, 10 km east of Kaliganj upazila of the district. It is said to be the largest banyan tree in Asia. The tree covers an area of ​​about 11 acres. The place was owned by Shailbala Sen, wife of Nagen Sen of Roy village. Later it became government khas land. From the district headquarters, you can go to Kaliganj by bus and from there you can go to Mallikpurs banyan tree by tempo or rickshaw.

Hasilbagh average

There is the ruins of an ancient installation on the north bank of the river Bhairab in the village of Hasilbagh in Barbazar. It is thought to be the ruins of a large mosque. This place is known as Hasilbagh Garh or Jahajghata.


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