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Tourism or Parjatan Place of Pabna | English
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অবসর সময়ে ভ্রমণ করুন ও দেশ সম্পর্কে জানুন - পর্যটনবিডি.কম

Description AboutTourism or Parjatan Place of Pabna

এ পৃষ্ঠা থেকে ট্যুরিষ্ট বা পর্যটক পাবনা জেলার ভ্রমন তথ্য সম্পর্কে অবগত হতে পারবে। যা তাদের ভ্রমনের ক্ষেত্রে কাজে আসবে। শুধু তাই নয় এখনকার প্রতিটি ভ্রমন স্থানের নামের সাথে একটি তথ্যবহুলভিডিও-এর হাইপারলিংক করা আছেযার মাধ্যমে ভিডিও দেখে স্থান সম্পর্কে সুস্পষ্ট ধারণা পাবে ও ভ্রমণ সম্পর্কে তারা আগ্রহীহয়ে উঠবে।

Jora Bangla Mandir


An ancient brick temple at Kalachand Para, northeast of Pabna. The paved roof above it is like a dochala house. The temple is like two adjoining dochala houses. There are three entrances in front of the temple. Beautiful carvings outside the front of the temple. It is known that the temple was built on a very high VT. The earthquake of 1897 gave him a lot. At present its foundation is two feet above the ground. The temple was built in the eighteenth century by Brajmohan Crore, the tehsildar of the Nawab of Murshidabad.

Pabna Court Building

Ancient court building located in Kacharipara of the city. Built in 1822, the building has a beautiful architectural style.


Pabna Institute is the oldest college in the district established in 189. It was named Edward College in 1911 in memory of the then Emperor of India, Edward VII. The college was established on the initiative of Zamindar Banamali Raybahadur, Professor Hemchandra Roy, Gopalchandra Lahiri, Radhika Nath Bose and others.

Anukul Thakurs Ashram


Shri Anukul Tagores Ashram is located at Hemayetpur, about five kilometers away from Pabna Upazila Sadar. A local Hindu named Shri Anukul Chandra established a temple and an ashram here in memory of his father Shivchandra Chakraborty and his mother Mahmohani Devi.

Pabna Mental Hospital


Hemayetpur, about eight kilometers from the district headquarters, is the only psychiatric hospital in the country. The hospital was established in 1956 by the then Civil Surgeon of Pabna in an old zamindar house in the city. Later in 1959 it was shifted to Hemayetpur.



The western head office of Bangladesh Railway is at Pakshi in Ishwardi upazila, about 30 km from the district headquarters. Many more can be seen here, including the ancient locomotives. Besides, there is a broad gauge railway station in Pakshi.

Hardinge Bridge


Bangladeshs largest railway bridge over the Padma River in Pakshi. Its construction started in 1910 and was completed in 1912. In January 1915, the first experimental train ran on the bridge. Later, on March 4, 1915, Lord Hardinge inaugurated the bridge. The construction of this 1.8 km long steel bridge cost 3 crore 51 lakh 32 thousand 185 taka at that time. During the war of independence, the twelfth span of the Pak army was hit by a mortar and fell into the river.

Lalon Shah Bridge


The Lalon Shah Bridge is located on the Padma River at a distance of about 300 meters along the Hardinge Bridge. The bridge, which is about 1.6 km long and 16.1 m wide, was inaugurated in 2004. It was named after Baul emperor Fakir Lalon Shah. In India, dhu dhu shelves are used instead of water under the bridge in winter as dams are built on the river and the river fills up. Pramatta Padma again in the rainy season. As a result, different tastes will match in this place at both times.

Chatmohar Shahi Mosque


The ancient mosque is located in the village of Chatmohar, about three kilometers from the headquarters of Chatmohar upazila in Pabna district. The mosque is located two kilometers northeast of Chatmohar railway station. According to the inscription of the mosque preserved in the Rajshahi Barind Research Museum, Khan Mohammad, son of Tui Mohammad Khan Kashkal, built the mosque in 1581-62 during the reign of Sultan Abul Fateh Mohammad Mamus Khan.

Handial Jagannath Temple


The Jagannath Temple is located at Handiyal, about nineteen kilometers from Chatmohar Sadar. There is an entrance to this brick temple. The entrance is quite ornate around. The temple starts in a square and rises upwards. According to the temple inscriptions, the temple was renovated in 1590 by a Bhabani Prasad. The temple is believed to have been built about a hundred years ago in the fifteenth century.



The largest bill in the country is Chalon Beel, located about five kilometers away from Chatmohar Upazila Sadar. The two main parts of Chalanbil are Kurlia and Dikshi Beel Chatmohar with an area of ​​18 and 15 sq km respectively. Although the water of these beels dries up in winter, it remains full in the rainy season. Everyone will like to walk on the bill at this time. Chatmohar can be reached by bus from the district headquarters and from there by rickshaw to Chalanbil.


Important Tourism Information of Bangladesh

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